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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Agent Vetter ?
Agent Vetter is a real estate agent selection service that matches top ranked agents with home buyers and sellers. We analyze rich data, otherwise unavailable to the public, in order to find out who the strongest agents in your target market are. Our hassle free service is setup to serve clients with convenience and does so by offering one on one support throughout the entire process.

Why should I use your company ?
Our data driven search guarantees you’ll work with only the best real estate agents -- or your money back!   Agent Vetter was designed to add ease and create enjoyment in the home buying/selling experience.   Our service makes it easier to identify, engage and work with the right agent for you.


How are you different than other real estate agent finder services ?
By providing our clients with a comprehensive search, Agent Vetter offers a transparent approach to finding the best real estate agent for your biggest investment. Unlike most agent finder services, our database searches for all relevant real estate agents, not just the ones enrolled in an affiliated program.  In most other cases, real estate agents pay a fee in order to be searchable by competing platforms.